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I got into the insurance industry with little knowledge of the "WHY" behind what I was doing.  But, over the years I have learned that "it" can happen to anybody.  I've been there for recovery efforts; I've delivered and received life insurance death benefit checks; I've seen the heartache and challenge day-to-day life can be with a disability... Despite the stereotype that may be out there about insurance, I'm here because on a daily basis I get to help people protect themselves and have peace of mind during the most tragic times of their life.  I've been there when "it" has happened and I've experienced "it" personally!  I'm proud to be part of an incredible organization and purpose to help people in times of great struggle.  "It" can happen to anyone at any time and although I hope "it" doesn't happen to you, I'm here to help if "it" does.  To find out more, contact me today!

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